Video Soundtracks on a Budget – Blog Series Roundup


Are you new to creating videos? Having trouble with audio clarity, background noise or loudness? If so, you will find this 9 part series invaluable for learning the basics of creating great video soundtracks. Part 1 - Introduction When clients use one of our audio services for their video production, whether that be a voice over, royalty free music or sound effects, it is … [Read more...]

Video Soundtracks on a Budget – Part 8: Audio Editing Tutorials

Audacity waveform

The following 12 video tutorials cover the basics of audio editing and production. The software used is the free audio editing software Audacity, ideal for budget restricted audio projects. Also, the principles taught here can be carried forward when you outgrow Audacity and invest in more professional software. This audio editor can deliver a really good result with the … [Read more...]

Video Soundtracks on a Budget – Part 7: Audio Editing Software


There are a number of good audio editing software packages to choose from when editing and producing audio. I use several expensive software packages, plugins and pieces of equipment in my profession. However, in the spirit of 'Video Soundtracks on a Budget’ I am not suggesting using any of these, instead we are going to use open-source software 'Audacity', which is completely … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Send Audio and Video Files Over the Web


As a royalty free music and voice over company we are always sending and receiving audio and video files that can be extremely large. Emailing them is just not possible as such large files tend to bounce back. Here are some services that are really useful. Dropbox Currently, our preferred service is Dropbox. It is simple to use and there is even a free version. The paid … [Read more...]

Removing vocals from music… Is it possible?

Audio production

I have been asked whether I can do this a number of times over the years. I understand that people often want to do this in order to use the music as a backing track. Now, I hate to spoil the party but this is not something that can easily be done. Well, it can, but it never really yields worthwhile results. Let me explain why. Mixed audio Quite simply, when you are … [Read more...]

How to Clean Audio Files

Man listening to sound

People often contact us looking for information about cleaning up audio files. This ranges from removing background noise to cleaning up voice recordings to tape hiss removal. We have even been contacted about recording vinyl to digital. Although (in theory) we can provide all of these services the drawback is that it takes time and we have to charge professional rates for … [Read more...]

Recording with the Zoom H4, Considering the Zoom H4n

Zoom H4n

For some time now, I have been using the Zoom H4 for a variety of recording tasks. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of this little device and it has helped me in a number of recording projects earning its keep many times over. Recently it was superseded by a new model that looks a little different and apparently has a number of extra features, more recording … [Read more...]

Using File Transfer Services in 2009

As a company that moves many audio files, voice-over files and music files, we have tried a number of file transfer solutions over the last few years. Some services have been absolutely rubbish and ftp was too complicated for people who had not previously used it. Also, it proved a little unreliable for us. Out of all of the services we tried, we ended up staying with … [Read more...]