Introducing Public Safe Music, No PRS & No PPL fees

For some time now we have received requests for music that is safe to play as public background music without having to pay money to Performance Royalty Organisations (PRO’s). Until now there has been no easy answer.

Here is the problem

Royalty free music is often registered with PRO’s by the composer to capture potential income from music used on TV or Radio. This means that using royalty free music long-term as public background music is not a straightforward option as PRO’s have an obligation to charge licenses to public venues on behalf of its members. Although, independent composers can offer a waiver on such fees it does not stop PRO’s contacting you to pay an annual license, which leads to constant toing and froing between the PRO, composer / library and the public venue / company.

Some composers avoid registering with PRO’s to prevent such issues and there are a small number of tracks around that are not in a PRO. This is great, however, if the composer eventually registers with any PRO their ownership of performance rights is exclusively signed to their chosen PRO. This means that you may become liable for additional payments to the PRO even if you already have an agreement with the composer / music library.

The easiest way to understand it is, say you were living in a property rent-free as agreed with the landlord (unlikely to happen I know), but the landlord then sells the property, the new owner would expect you to start paying rent, regardless of your prior agreement.

Music copyright is similar, it is still property.

Our Solution

Given the possible problems of using music in public we are introducing a new category of music called ‘Public Safe Music’.

This is because it is part of a business model that means it can not be submitted to a PRO and therefore a PRO does not have the right to charge a fee for its use in shops, bars, health spas, hairdressers, restaurants, on transport etc.

Here are links to our first playlists of Public Safe Music.

African Voices
Beijing Dreams
Cafe Mumbai
Caribbean Steel Drums
Celtic Ballads
Celtic Christmas
Celtic Dance
Children’s Nursery Rhymes & Songs
Chill Out – Buddhist Chant
Chill Out – Classics
Chill Out – Heavens
Chill Out – Jazz
Chill Out – Tibet
Eastern Beats
Magic of Christmas
Native American Ghost Dancers
Relaxation Zen
Romantic Classical Piano
Tai Chi
Yoga & Pilates

We are adding in the region of 1000 additional tracks to this category over the next few weeks. If you are interested in learning more please email us.

In addition, we are owners of Beanstalk Audio distribution who are the master distributors of this catalogue for stock music libraries. We are interested in hearing from established libraries who would like to apply to become resellers of the catalogue later this year.

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